Welcome to Lean-Agile Strategy

Lean-Agile Strategy is a wholly owned subsidiary of AdaptiveOrg Inc. We created Lean-Agile Strategy to simplify how we can turn strategy into action in a easy to understand and repeatable approach. The core curriculum of Lean-Agile Strategy has been designed to help you and your team acquire the same capabilities we have at doing this, as quickly as possible, so you can become self-sufficient. 

Additionally, we are adding Partners who agree with our core values and principles and follow that same basic business model of getting you and your teams to self-sufficiency as quickly as possible. We believe that transformation is an individual journey, both personally and organizationally. No one can do that but you and your people. We, and our Partners, are here to be your sherpas, not to replace the great people you already have.

Our Partners are individually considered leaders in their space, like Dr. Scott Hutcheson, author of Strategic Doing, and professor at Purdue University. Dr. Hutcheson combines the theoretical with the practical, having helped hundreds of organizations around the globe learn new ways of working so they gain self-sufficiency. 

AdaptiveOrg, through Lean-Agile Strategy and our Partners, help you co-create a different future.

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Where do I start?

Well, like the King in Alice in Wonderland said "start at the beginning!". The beginning would be our Lean-Agile Strategy: Foundation (LAS-F) course

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