What our clients say

“Taking time to define these key elements can go a long way and save not only time and money but more importantly laser-focus every team member”

Mourad Faid, Director, Statistics Canada

“It was cathartic…to find out I am not alone…”

Lean-Agile Strategy Workshop Participant

“Do you guys realize what we are doing? We have never had all of us in the same room where we talk so openly and address our assumptions”

Lean-Agile Strategy Workshop Participant

“in just a few weeks, by using Lean-Agile Strategy AdaptiveOrg helped my division create a shared understanding of why we exist, our destination, and the gaps we needed to address to create new data product MVPs - not our standard business operating model.”

Director General, Federal Government Department, Canada

“You guys are disruptive. It's exactly what we needed!”

Lean-Agile Strategy Workshop Participant

Our Services Business Model

AdaptiveOrg, creators of Lean-Agile Strategy started as a service business providing strategic advisory using an earlier version of Lean-Agile Strategy. Our intent, then, as now, was to be a different kind of advisor; one who helps their clients become self-sufficient as quickly as possible.

Our Principles guide how we deliver our Services

  1. Honesty: Only take engagements where we believe we can help the client. If we do not believe it is a mutual fit, we will respectfully decline the engagement
  2. Integrity: Only stay if we believe we are providing value. We will fire ourselves if we are not. And yes, we have fired ourselves
  3. Transparency: Help the client build the required internal capacity to take over what we do, as quickly as possible, and then leave
Put simply, we want to leave every customer in a better place than when we found them which includes self-sufficiency in Lean-Agile Strategy so they become resilient and sustainable organizations over the long-run. For us, profit occurs when we create value. Not because we stayed as long as we possibly could.
Our engagements are premised on enabling your organization to become self-sufficient as quickly as possible and our extensive blended learning curriculum for Lean-Agile Strategy is a key component to achieve that. We teach your people to be able to do what we do and then pair with them in a coaching stance so they can take over from us. 

All of Service Offerings operate on a 90-day strategic cadence at a maximum. Some of our server Partners may operate on shorter cadences. We ensure there is a fit with our strategic cadence.

Contact us to find out more.

Our Mascot

Chameleons are the masters of  adapting to the context of their surroundings. 

Chameleons change colours to communicate their intentions to other chameleons, for camouflage to protect against predators, to warm up, and to cool down.

They are adaptable by being ready to sense and respond to what is happening in their ecosystem. It gives them resilience and sustainability over the long-run.

Today’s organizations and their people need to be adaptable to handle the sheer volume and pace of change. 

They need to incorporate inside-out and outside-in perspectives to signal their intentions and to gain insights into the intentions of their ecosystem partners.

The digital age necessitates continual adaptiveness across all facets of your organization including leadership, people, technology, your partners and suppliers. 

The speed at which these changes need to happen demands you master strategic agility over strategic planning. Strategic agility moves you from trying to “predict and plan” what might happen, to where you can “sense and respond” to what is happening within your ecosystem while acting with purpose.

Lean-Agile Strategy is your portal into developing your organization’s chameleon-like capabilities, so you can sense and respond and act with purpose to become an organization that is both resilient and sustainable. 


Service Categories

  • Online

    We help you deliver the workshops remotely. All workshop participants have to take the LAS Foundation course and at least one staff member is planning to become a LAS Facilitator for your organization. Your LAS Facilitator will run the sessions with our assistance.

  • Onsite

    We come to you and facilitate our workshops. All workshop participants have to take the LAS Foundation course. We run the sessions initially and slowly ramp up people in your organization to take over from us.

  • Partners

    All of our Partners operate according to our principles and business model; to help you and your staff become self-sufficient as quickly as possible. They provide complementary offerings to LAS including the underlying education for you and your people.