Discover our Ecosystem Partners

The Lean-Agile Strategy ecosystem connects us and our partners in helping other organizations build Lean-Agile Strategy as a capability. It also connects us to our Lean-Agile Execution partners in helping organizations overcome the strategy to execution gap. 

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Partners by Category

Check out our partner pages for interviews, bios, and their list of products and services offered through Our partner ecosystems will be constantly updated as part of strategy to provide a one-stop portal into all facets of agility across organizations. 

Each ecosystem partner is chosen based on:

  • Values and Principles fit with Lean-Agile Strategy
  • Being recognized as a leader in their respective category


  • Scott Hutcheson: Scott is the author of Strategic Doing:10 Skills for Agile Leadership, and the Director of Purdue University's Organizational Leadership Degree Program
  • Prasad Kamath: Prasad is the Founder at Metamorphosis Learning Services, a consulting, coaching and professional competency development outfit, that delivers learning programs in a wide range of areas to help senior professionals confidently take on various challenges within the context of the fast-paced business environment.

Agile Leadership

  • Powered by Teams:  Laura Powers of Powered by Teams is an ideas-maker who teaches Agile Leadership through Stanford University Continuing Studies and is a recognized international keynote and conference speaker.

Agile HR

  • A leading Agile HR  training and consulting organization has agreed to partner with us. Full bio and interview coming soon